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Customer Care > Orkut, Facebook & LinkedIn Feeds Updates within Rediffmail News Feed FAQ

News feeds updates within Rediffmail will allow users to add their feeds from their 
Orkut, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles and view it directly off their Rediffmail accounts.

How to configure Rediffmail for Orkut, Facebook or LinkedIn updates:

  • Login to your Rediffmail Account.

  • Along side your Inbox, you will see a "Feeds" tab.

  • Select service you want to subscribe to Orkut, Facebook or LinkedIn.

  • Once you select either Orkut, Facebook or LinkedIn, enter your username/password for Orkut, Facebook or LinkedIn and log in.You will only need to login one time in this process. System will remember you next time when you will log into your Rediffmail account, and will show your Orkut, Facebook & LinkedIn feeds.

How to view news feeds:

  • Clicking on the Feeds tab will show your news feeds if you have subscribed successfully to either Orkut, Facebook or LinkedIn.

How to edit username/password for Orkut, Facebook or LinkedIn:

  • Click on Manage Feeds.

  • Click on "Edit" Button on "Manage Feeds" page and enter your username/password.

How to unsubscribe from the service:

  • Click on "Unsubscribe" button next to Orkut, Facebook or LinkedIn on "Manage Feeds" page. You will be unsubscribed & won't receive any new feeds.