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May 13, 2000


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IIW '99 unleashed!
IIW '98 archived

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The Internet: Quo Vadis

The big hits

'Death to piracy'
Major software firms queue up to purchase Shaju Chacko's hot new software

New vision for the blind
Using novel software the National Association for the Blind is opening up the computer world to the visually-impaired.

'Other networks are less efficient than Sankhya Vahini'
The second part of the Dr Arunachalam interview, in which he discusses the importance of the project to India.

'The project does not violate any law'
Dr V S Arunachalam stoutly defends the controversial Sankhya Vahini project.

A case for the defense
The PMO stoutly defends the Sakhya Vahini project and those behind it, terming the charges against it as 'unfounded'.

A security threat
The US could use Sankhya Vahini to intercept India's strategic and scientific secrets, say critics.

Denial of service
The RSS and others feel that Vajpayee should shelve Sankhya Vahini, the superfast data network backed by CMU. George Iype investigates the matter.

'I wanna be Bill Gates'
A V Dinesh, the world's youngest Microsoft Certified Systems Analysis Engineer, has big plans

Wipro to raise $ 500 million abroad
The company has informed major Indian stock exchanges that it would be going for either the American Depository Receipts or Global Depository Receipts to raise the sum, besides having linked stock options to its employees, its subsidiaries, associates, etc.

Damini chips, another first for Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments (India) Ltd, has scored another first with the launch of seven receiver integrated circuits for desktop LCD monitors, digital cathode ray tubes monitors, and digital projectors.

VSNL commissions 40,000 km submarine network
Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited's South-East Asia-West Asia-Western Europe network was commissioned on Thursday night, making Kochi in Kerala the second-largest VSNL gateway after Bombay.

'Does anybody in the world know what is triggering IT?'
N Seshagiri on life, philosophy and why he resigned the top job at the National Informatics Centre.

The new employment exchange
If you are willing to work, promises to find the right place for you.

Kerry Packer buys 10 pc of Himachal Futuristic
HFCL is also setting up two joint ventures with the Australian media tycoon's Consolidated Press Holdings, marking its foray into information technology and e-commerce businesses.

The funding funda
Shekhar Kapur to fund newbies in India and Silicon Valley.

'We actually thrive on paranoia'
ICICI chief K V Kamath tells Pritish Nandy.

Budget fails to excite IT industry
While the software industry tries to stifle its disappointment at the lack of major sops, the jury of domestic hardware manufacturers is still out, debating furiously the implications of Finance Bill 2000-01.

Going places
Dinesh Dhamija's will replace Microsoft-backed Xpedia as AOL Europe's 'recommended' travel agency.

Good show, Microsoft
The professional participation at the Windows 2000 consumer launch exhibition was better than those at most recent IT launches in Bangalore.

Very quiet on the MS front
Windows 2000 comes out with a whimper instead of a bang.

Who's afraid of the big B?
A 'hard' Union Budget holds no terrors for the infotech industry.

Junglee guy goes after Purple Yogi, which is getting ready for an early launch, aims for extreme personalisation of the Internet.

'Manpower is the key'
MIT scientist and futurologist Michael L Dertouzous feels this, rather than dotcoms, could make a difference in India.

AirTel extends 'Smart Roam' service to Kuwait

Off with the gyves
Minister bows to inevitable, hints at legalising Internet telephony

Full power
Windows 2000 for India to will have the most secure 128-bit encryption.

Wipro Net offers rental ERP online

Bombay cops face flak from
The site, run by an associate of don Chhota Rajan, has a go at everything that defines the establishment, from the police to the politicians.

High court disposes of petition against CPP
Division bench comprising Chief Justice S N Variava and Justice Cyriac Joseph said the matter may now be referred to the newly-bifurcated TRAI.

Oppn uses telecom scam against ruling Congress in Orissa
The 400 people who have defaulted payment on telephone bills include prominent Congress politicians, a few opposition leaders and some big industrial houses.

'What do you say to a bacterium?'
Dr Paul Shuch, executive director, SETI League, on the problems of finding intelligent life beyond earth.

'There are two things needed: one, an idea, and, two, the idea must be sold'
The Internet's creator Vinton Cerf was in New Delhi.

The ET watcher
Dr Paul Shuch has made it his business to find out if there's intelligent life out there.

IT ministry plans 8-year strategy

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