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Playing Ved Prakash Sharma's Keshav Pandit
By Rajul Hegde
May 18, 2010 13:48 IST

Sarwar Ahuja, winner of Zee Cinestars Ki Khoj is playing a lead role in Zee TV's thriller; Keshav Pandit. Currently he is also seen in Jyothi on Imagine.

Keshav Pandit is the television adaptation of the bestselling novel by famous writer, Ved Prakash Sharma.

Recently the novel, which was originally created in 1981, was re-launched at a press meet, with a new title, Keshav Pandit Ki Vapsi.

The novel carries a picture of Sarwar Ahuja on the cover. The actor tells Rajul Hegde more about the serial. Excerpts:

You started off your career with Zee Channel. How does it feel to be associated with them again?

Cinestar Ki Khoj was my first innings and it was blockbuster. So let's see how far I go with this new character. I will try my best to do justice to my character and I hope it becomes as popular as the first one.

What is Keshav Pandit about?

It's about a man with a tragic childhood who has served 10 years in jail. But when he comes out he becomes a saviour for some people and helps them in seeking justice.   

How did you prepare for this role?

We had a workshop before the show. Plus I have started reading the book to learn more about my character.

Are you aware about the laws of our judiciary?

I had no knowledge of the judiciary before this show. Now I do.

How does it feel to be on the cover of the new edition of Ved Prakash Sharma's novel?

It was a surprise.

How has the experience been shooting for Keshav Pandit?

It's been a learning experience.

Why did Ekta Kapoor (producer) choose you for this role?

They were looking for a typical North Indian guy with broad shoulders and a mature face. I guess I was close to what she was looking for [smiles]. 

There was buzz that Ekta Kapoor wasn't happy with your performance and was planning to replace you after shooting a couple of episodes?

I don't want to get into this, but yes they had to re-shoot a few episodes because Ekta ma'am was not happy with the results.

You started off with a reality show. Any more in the pipeline?

I was lucky to be part of the first ever reality show on TV. Now the reality shows are more of glamour and money than talent. I will not be able to do any reality shows now because I am busy with two shows.

Image: Sarwar Ahuja and Ekta Kapoor

Rajul Hegde in Mumbai
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