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April 20, 1999

The Wasim Akram column

Ekta Biyani: I think Pakistan as a team has definetly become more organised ever since Akram has taken charge of it and their recent success shows that no matter what situation they are in, they have the ability to dictate the game in their favour. The team is very well balanced and there is no doubt that they are one of the favourites to win the World Cup. What demoralises a team is that it's own team members raised match fixing allegations, but it seems the team believed in replying back through their deeds rather than verbaly and that is really worth admiration. Although hearts of heart I want my country-INDIA to win but yet at the same time in the interest of the game - Let the best team win and I am sure the Pakistani team is the hot favourite. all the best and do give in your best shot.

Shahid Faruqui: Great article by Wasim...I am a Pakistani but still Rediff is among the first few sites I visit everytime I log on...Keep up the good work. Shahid Faruqui Detroit MI.

Atul Saxena: This is nice to read Wasim's comment, but We have to wait and see how long they are able to keep themselves in winning track particularely in England. I don't find any of their batsman who are good enough to face swing balling in freezing cold of England as we all have seen them struggling in Toronto. Anyway I wish Best of luck To Wasim and company.


Sudhin: Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on. Here we are Wasim.

Sunil Talwar: I do not see much improvement in Pak Team performamnce, except it seems India has some phobia against Pakistani team. recently Pak has lost matches to Sri lankan team as well as England team, where as India has won against both the teams, but has been loosing to Pakistani team. Once they manage how to take care Shoaib, they will be back to their winning ways. As regards Inzmam and pakistan's running between the wickets and fielding, Wasim can say all these things, since his team has won Sharjah Cup. There is one Mirza Ghalib's quote: " Hum ko malum hey jannat ki Hakikat lekin, dil ko khush rakhne ke liye Ghalib ye Khyal achha hey"

mohit bhargava: pakistan is riding high after beating whom? england, india and sri lanka? england will be a different team at home. sri lanka cannot play test cricket is now known even in non-cricket playing nations! india has not been able to put the batting together and was therefore easy to beat. the most depressing thing about this article was the story of majid and imran. who really cares what majid thought of imran and what imran did to him? for god's sake stop washing your dirty linen in public! pakistan has been having a good run lately but we all know how unpredictable cricket can be!

Shashi Singh: Is it not possible to publish interview with Indian captain like this , before world cup ?

Shashank Parulekar: Leave aside the match-fixing allegations, and I have always been a fan of Akram. I have apprecited his cricket both on the ground and in the commentary box. I feel him to be one complete player and would love to see him compete for the World Cup - even though my favourites are India ( ofcourse I am patriotic).

Babu Narayan: Looks like Indian team is not the only team that has personality clashes ruining the team!

Rekha: Dear Rediff, Its informative to hear what all has been happening in the Pakistani cricket scenario . Alongwith this, we want to know more about our own team's preparations for the World cup!!! What are Anshuman Gaekwad and Azharuddin planning ? What new strategies are they working at ? Pakistanis have appointed a South African to help them technically . He knows his job , and his limitations too ( as Wasim Akram disclosed in a previous column.)So , looking at all these , I wonder whats going on in our team . What are the guys upto ? There must be something to write about Indian team's World Cup preparations , or is there nothing at all ? Looking forward for some news on Indian team's preparations !!! I hope there are !!!

Faraz: : Best of luck Wasim bhai. The boys are really clicking, and I have a feeling thisis your year. One thing that seems to be a little troubling, is that we are always taking too much time in bowling the required number of overs.

Muneeb Khan: Wasim, No need to say that being a Pakistani, i am great fan of you and the Pakistani team. If i am not mistaken, Majid is still a high ranked oficer of the PCB, and are you not concerned about the fact that your negitive comments about him may cause some friction for you.

Sridhar R: A frank write-up and very good article to motivate teams like India which is lagging in each and every field important being the captainship.

binoy unnikrishnan: Great piece from a great fighter.Pity the Indian team for what they are missing interms of motivation and inspiration that only such a captain and coach can inspire. Also talking of coaches , can anybody compare Javed Miandad with our very own Anshuman Gaikwad. He himself was an unsuccesful and frustrated player and he seems to be imbibing the very same qualities in the entire team. Pity indeed

Sharad Agarwal: It's good to know about the views of different people in Cricket.

Ashish Shah: Useless, boring.

Hemant Jaswal: A nice talk of Akram that how rejuvenated the team is feeling under him. But let's see things in perspective - Pakistan has won only against India whereas they have an average showing against everbody else. While they had narrow margins of victory against India in tests and huge margins in ODIs. In ODIs huge margins is attributed to the lack of Sachin from the Indian team. And any joker can say minus Sachin and with Azhar leading the team they would struggle to beat even a schoolboy eleven from Pakistan. So barring from the fact that Akhtar is a definite find they are still in square one with the play on a given day not necessarily dependent on what the stakes are on the market.No pun intended!

Adil : AdilKhokar.@html: I like cricket very much and I Hope you guys are going to win the world cup on 1999

Rajesh Chandra: It is not that I am fed up with reading Wasim Akram's revelations every other day. But I want to know one thing : Why the current indian team's player couldn't write their views in this column, except Sachin(that too, not very often as I am seeing Akram or somebody's views)?

javid kamal: i think, this column is more of the ineternal affairs which are irrlevant and seemed to be fabricated.