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April 13, 1999

The Sachin Tendulkar interview

Jaganathan J: As rightly pointed out Sachin's back is going to decide the world cup winner. The whole country wants to see Sachin fully recover and wipe the bitter memories of the recent embarassments. if he is not fully fit for world cup then india don't stand a chance to even clear the first obstacle. india has very little chance. it all depends only on Tendulkar and Bowlers. We have too many luggages like Azhar,Mongia in the team.

andrew rodrigues: Sachin's back problem seems to be real and he deserves what he demands!

ananth: Recently when india lost the one-day series to Pakistan under Jadeja's captaincy he told that Sachin's absence is not the X-factor for thier defeat and in general they should work on every department on the cricket. One day later, what happens? i again read in the newspaper Azhar saying that Sachin is the reason for the defeat. What does that give the indian cricket lovers to think? There's absolutely no communication at all. Talking about this my view is india WiLL NOT, i repeat WiLL NOT win the world cup for the following reasons. 1) They depend too much on Sachin and Sachin is only a Human and he cannot win all the five prelimanry matches. 2)There's no communication between players atleast on the field. Example? Azhar blaming VVS. Laxman about the dropped catch of Saeed Anwar in the recent Asian Test Championship 3)Many current indian players lack the killer instinct, infact i can bravely say(and invite the wrath of other cricket followers) that Azhar is the true leader in lacking the killer instinct. 4)When there is a Captain and a Coach who keep repeating that "We have put this defeat behind us and we are looking forward to the next match" The coach also adds up another spice saying that it is tough to dive on the indian grounds for the fear of injury and that they can dive around on foreign grounds. On this point i wanna give an example which has happened a couple of years back. Jonty Rhodes was fielding in Vishakhapatnam and he was stunningly diving around, getting bruised all over his hands, blood on his elbows and he was still diving around. What do you say Mr. indian Coach?? 5)Along the lines of the above point indians are not good at all in the fielding, and again, i include both Azhar and Jadeja. Yes! Even they are not that good when it comes to comparing the real international cricket status. Well, the above are the points that i noticed and strongly feel that it is very very very tough for india to go even into the Final.

Jayadev Munimallappa: Sachin is vital for india's chances of winning the world cup. Without him india is half weak. i hope Sachin recovers soon and is available for the world cup. And my wishes for all the players to perform well. Jay

Amitabh Waghray: its a good interview. i think it was a bit diplomatic. Sachin is answering form his mind & not what he really wants to answer. He should talk things openly & bluntly, why get into that press conference mode? Amitabh Waghray

s.venkatesan: it is really sad that Sachin's back problems have cropped up just before the world cup. but i am sure that with Sachin's resolve and determination, he would give his best and ensure that we give our best. There is no denying the fact that this team is totally dependent on Sachin and if Sachin fails, we are doomed. players like Azhar, Ajay and Dravid are not match winners and one can't expect miracles from them. this indian team will win if Sachin clicks, if not it will then go down even without a fight.

Srikanth: Sachin needs rest, for that matter indian team needs some rest, the board is over taxing our player ... there is a saying in Tamil ..even the divine nector will become poison -- if it is taken in Excess, that is what is happening to our cricket. Lets us pray to god that Sachin will get well soon and be back in the ranks.

prayaag akbar: i heard that Sachin's back problems are cos of the heavy bat he uses and one sides muscles getting stonger. is this true? Will it affect his batting when he recovers? This is not the time for this to happen....

Sriram Gopalan: Get Well Soon!

gopalkrishna phadke: India has chances of winning the world cup but we need a lot of discipline in the team. we should keep the South Africans as our example.we need to be more professional.Each player in the team is top class but our team is not. There should be god teamwork.Hope that our team overcomes these problems. with the blessings of 100 crore people in india iam sure that india will win the final world cup of this millenium. All the best to our team

Gautam Desai: I am glad that indian selectors have made a good decision after a long time resting Sachin. i am sure everyone knows this that most of the team players are not confident in themselves like Sachin is so to risk Sachin in a non important game would unwise and this will give the rest of the players to learn how to win without Sachin around.

Vinodh S: its a fantastic news that our Sachin is really feeling good and raring to perform well. i would, like most of the other indians, would tune in to the TV set, not only to cheer up india but also to see Sachin prove for the umpteenth time that he is nothing short of a cricketing genius. Agreed - on paper the indian team looks talented - however, its really sad to note that most of them lack commitment and motivation. And that too, against Pakistan - they are a miserable lot. All said, i wish Sachin and the indian cricket team, good wishes for the forthcoming World Cup '99.

Ramesh K Sistla: We pray for the back of the spine of indian team. May he be fit as a fiddle in time for the world cup. And i hope that Lele will take a cue from this and resign his job as the scheduling committee secretary or whatever. in his riddance and that of others like Dungarpur lies the good of indian cricket.

Sriram Vedula: The only change i want to see in not only in Sachin, but in the entire team, is the willingness to fight to the finish. Even when the game is completely out of our hand, fighting till the last ball makes it all worth it. Never throw in the towel until the last ball has been bowled. Defeat is ok!, but not lying down and playing dead. Never!

asif saleh: india's batting today shows the the amount of mental ability. To them every game is just another game. After each loss Azhar says we will put this behind us". and it seems they really do and lose the next match. Sometimes i wonder if they at all can feel the emotions of millions of supporters who are frantically supporting them. Like Prem said a few days ago, it is not defeat that hurts, it is the abject surrender that hurts the most. Even England lost yester, but i guess the difference between india's loss and Englands loss is quite clear. Asif

N Kishore: Why do you want to make all fools ? Everyone knows what are the chances of india winning the world cup. its so irritating to even think about indian cricket. i think their names should be written in the world record books as the most thick skinned guys. if i was in their position, i would have killed myself. i am feeling very sorry to write like this, but no other go. i request everyone not to publish any articles from any of these cricketers. its waste of time and money.

Prasad_Naidu: it is just not Sachin's back problem any more it is the back problem of the indian cricket team. Sachin is the back bone of indian cricket team. We can see how the indian team is faring against it arch rival pakistan recently with out Sachin. i think it is a bad idea to play again & again with the same team and get beaten very badly like this just before the world cup. This makes the players to loose what ever confidence they have in them selves. it is very sensible of Sachin to rest a little longer, so that he can be fresh and ready to go for the World Cup. " Hi Sachin Just can't wait any longer get well soon MANN"..

devender-shankar: We are not a music director team but two very frustrated indians. Enough is Enough we don't want one ring master (RS Dungarpur) with a Puppet (LeLe) and five jokers (You know what we mean) deciding 10 over rated players (Sachin is ok) and thrashing name of the great country india. i wish there were a way that we indians can bar these above mentioned Stupid people from using out country's name with their team Otherwise how would you explain a team losing three matches With a margin 100 and one with 7 wickets and still can be called one with the best batting lineup in the world. How can one explain Dravid and Robin coming together at 47 for 4 and end up wasting another 20 overs for just 50 runs. it seems there is something very fishy going on. These guys just don't have word PRIDE in their dictionary. We will be fooling ourselves by relying on Tendulkar to come and do a magic to make this team win. PS. We plan to start indian cricket control board Team hate club (ICCTHC) very soon. Keep Looking.

Mahesh Patil: After the result of todays match ( i.e the first match between india and pakistan at sharjah )the *indian team* has shown us that this *team* consists of a bunch of losers whose chances for the world cup are 0 . But yes i can talk of Sachins chances of winning the world cup with a bunch of losers as his team mates. Sachin is the only player with respect for his abilities and who takes pride in representing india. He is capable of winning the cup for *us*. i am a great fan of Sachin and will always remain one whether *he* wins the world cup or not.

viper007: i think that india is going to win the world cup and i want Sachin to take care of his back. So that he can be fully ready for the world cup. i want india to include kambli for the world cup

naren: Hope Sachin will get well soon All we have to do is believe in Sachin to get world cup