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April 8, 1999

The Sachin Tendulkar interview

cricfan: I think Sachin is saying what anyone in his position would say. But deep down he knows he's the key. If he plays well then we have a good chance. If he fails, India fails for sure. India doesn't have a team like Australia, S. Africa or Pakistan. We are more like W. Indies where we rely on one or two players and they have to perform extremely well to succeed. As far as his comments about pressure, ofcourse he's going to say that. He can't come out and say that there is no added pressure, but deep down he knows full well that the eyes of an entire nation are upon him. The good thing is that he knows how to handle it. He's a very mature cricketer. Good luck sachin and good luck india.

s dan: India's chance in world cup solely depends on Sachin. We pray to GOD for early recovry of Sachin's back problem.

BISWAMOHAN PANI: There is a lurking fear that everything isn't well. Something is being hidden here and sachin doesn't talk about it because of the officials'?? May be its because of the sponsors who want him to say "I am much better" although he isn't.

SD: I think in this world Cup, Tendulkar won't play the major role. Its not Michael Jordan but one of the Scottie Pippens !!

Prasad: Sachin's Back: I am glad that he is getting better. But I also hope that he takes into account some scientific study of his batting stance by some sports medics. I heard recently that a paper has been submitted on his lofted drive by a Dr. from Mangalore University, who predicted that Sachin's career is almost over. Since that has serious consequences, Sachin should take time and look into what guy wants to say.. His prognosis of rotor movements in Sachin's batting seem to be scientifically well reasoned, but I don't know. Why not give some time who is right in our backyard, in addition to getting expert advice from England..
India's Schedule: Yes, we need some time between matches, I think the board should come up with some ideas to look at this kind of fatigue and injuries creeping from too much cricket. But alas, our board is greedy above all bounds, but does not pass the smartness test even by the lower bound.
World Cup: We have very good chances, but we need some strong motivation at the top level, I mean the captain. Ajay Jadeja seems to ignite that spark in the team, whil Azhar has woefully failed in that score. If we can do three things : believe in ourselves, do some homework by studying videos of good bowlers like Akthar especially so that we know how to smash them, and change tactics for every match depending on other team (Like Jaddu does very well ), we have damn good chances. I just wish that Jaddu became India's captain for the world Cup ... we need to be aggresisve rather than defensice, both in our field setting and mindsets. Instead of drooping chins, we should have arrogance in our body language, that comes with a belief that we can win. This is best combination we had since last world cup winning team. we better make it now.

Milap: Sachin Tendulkar is the world best batsman. We really missed him in the Pepsi Tournament. As the World Cup not so far all the Indians have great hopes on Sachin. Our selectors should have let Sachin play in Sharjah Champions Cup as we are playing England since a long time and if Sachin might have played against them he could check them out. Also I think he is fully recovered with his back and is ready to be back in the Indian team. Winning the World Cup would be the best thing before the end of century. Everything depends Sachin how he plays. If he scores good runs we definately have chance of winning the World Cup. I also think its time for Azhar to retire as he is done with his career and occupying one place in the team without any reason. Also the selectors picking Debasis Mohanty was really great but they should have picked him in the 19 and give him chance. Why bother of taking Vinod Kambli and Sunil Joshi in the Sharjah if they are not going to play in the World Cup. Why not give chance to the players who are in the 15. Dont understand what they are trying to show or achieve.

sainath J: Sachin's back will be fine soon...I hope he will loose some weight for god's sake. He is going to score 4 centuries in this world cup & we are going to win the cup.

nisha: well we all r worried abt srts back injury......well india is playin far too much crt but nowadays this is wat the media and public demands and we conviniently forget that cricketers too r humans .....well let me put it this way ..if india has to win they have to play out of their skins in all the matches and it must be a teamwork not a one mans job

Maqsood Ali Mouzam: I hope Sachin will recover soon from his back problems and I am sure that India will make it.

Harish: Sachin should be sacked permanently and made umpire :)

shirish halapeth: Instead of playing one day series in home and Sharjah we should have played in the conditions similar to one in England. Maybe we could have toured Austalia or England. We should be more mentally tough and develop killer instict.

Hari Om: India will win the World Cup. With or without the *back*ing of Sachout Tendulkar. Azharuddin's captaincy will see India through. Azhar is the best thing that has happened to Indian cricket for over 50 years. He is the best captain. Nobody can match his strategies. Only he is laidback and media-unfriendly. let the preparations for World Cup victory celebrations begin now. India will have two reasons to celebrate at the dawn of the New Millennium. The Millennium itself, and the World Cup victory. Azharuddin zindabad.

Sreedhar Reddy: We still play our cricket through individual brilliance. You may win matches with Sachin's efforts; But to win a tournment like Worldcup, you need planning with precision-south africa style. Indian team seem to lack planning and leadership. Instead of trying to develop a team that plays well in crisis situations, our selectors/administrators seem to operate without a vision. It is so sad to see this in a sport that has so much following and money.