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These Bed-sheets Can Actually Improve Your Mood and Health

January 30, 2017 16:34 IST

Colours have played a pivotal role in bringing about changes in the human mind, improving the mood and providing mental stability. In ancient times, Egyptians and Chinese use colour therapy to treat various illnesses. Over the years, numerous studies have proven that colour can improve the symptoms of depression, stress, sleep disorders, general health issues and so on.

You can try colour therapy by changing the look of your bedroom- your bed-sheet. Read more to find about the various colours that bring about positive changes in your mind-

#1 White

White bed-sheets

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Have you ever wondered what is the reason behind white bed sheets in hotel rooms? White is a colour that helps soothe your mood. No other but a white bed-sheet can guarantee a good night's sleep. A white bed-sheet relaxes your mind and also makes your room look stylish and classy.

#2 Green

Green bed-sheets

Buy Green Bed sheets Under Rs 800

What comes to your mind when you see the colour green? The answer is nature. The colour green is perfect for all those who love nature or want to feel closer to nature. It has a soothing effect on the mind, body and the spirit. Green has a refreshing appearance and it is known to relax your vision no matter how stressed you are.

#3 Red

Red bed sheets

 Buy Red Bed sheets Under Rs 600

Red is perfect especially when you are in a romantic mood. Planning to spice things up a bit? Use a red coloured bed-sheet to get the temperature soaring. Red is bold, warm and is known to drive passion. Add red to your bedroom to turn the heat on.

#4 Blue

Blue bed sheets

 Buy Blue Bed sheets Under Rs 600

Like soothing colours but find it difficult to maintain a white bed-sheet? Blue is your best bet. The colour blue is known to bring positive energy. One can enjoy a comfortable sleep with a blue-bed-sheet on. The colour blue is soothing and makes your bedroom look nice and cosy.

#5 Yellow

Yellow bed sheets

 Buy Yellow Bed sheets Under Rs 700

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and denotes positivity or a fresh start. Feeling low or anxious? Use a yellow bed-sheet and change your outlook towards life. A yellow bed-sheet can make your day look cheerful and lively.



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