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This article was first published 13 years ago

Sonu Nigam creates magic in Kannada

Last updated on: August 19, 2010 12:42 IST

Image: Sonu Nigam
Shruti Indira Lakshminarayana in Bangalore

After belting out chart busters for director Yograj Bhat in Mungaru Male, Sonu Nigam is looking to create the same magic with his number Udisuve Belakina Seereya... in Pancharangi.

"My composers have always given me the best songs and I hope that this song as well as the others in the film strike a chord with the audience. All the same it has always been a pleasure working with Yograj Bhat and his team as they are very passionate and positive in their attitude," says Sonu.

Sonu has emerged one of the most sought after singers post Mungaru Male in the Kannada industry, and it's little wonder that his favourite track is a title song from the film.

As most of his songs, the latest being Gaaliye nodu baa deepada nartana... from Sanchari, are hits, the singer says that he makes himself available to Kannada industry as he feels Kannada music is very "fulfilling".

"Kannada music is rich in melody and lyrics and I always get a variety of songs from music directors here. I consider Kannada industry people my family and thus even allow them to record in my studio. See all I'm looking for is quality. It's not that I'm not popular anymore in the Hindi industry. It's just that I'm available only to a few people these days. Since 2006 I have taken a step backwards. I want people to say Sonu, we miss you and not Sonu, we have had enough of you!"

Sonu Nigam creates magic in Kannada

Image: Sonu Nigam, Mano Murthy and Diganth

The singer says experimentation is his hallmark (example, his new long hair do) and would soon like to give his Kannada fans something other than film music.

"As a thank you gift for the people of Karnataka, I came out with an album, Neene Bari Neene. Mano Murthy and Jayanth Kaikini were with me on this album. As I want music to be accessible for people outside films, I will surely come out with more albums. I'm all for trying out new genres of music as well."

As of now the singer is however looking forward to the reactions to his song from Pancharangi. The lyrics have been written by Jayanth. The song already has a fan in film's lead actor, Diganth.

"Everyday before going to sleep, I recall this song. It has a mesmerising effect," he says.

Picturised on him and heroine Nidhi Subbaiah, the song is backed by contemporary dance moves. Apart from this, there are five other songs in the film.

Lifeu Ishtene...among them is already popular with the youth.