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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » 'Money is important but not at the cost of my dignity'

'Money is important but not at the cost of my dignity'

November 26, 2013 10:04 IST

'Money is important but not at the cost of my dignity'


Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

Divyanka Tripathi, who was popular in the role of Vidya in Banoo Mein Tumhari Dulhan, makes a comeback to soaps with Ekta Kapoor’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. 

The serial is based on Manju Kapoor’s book, Custody. The serial will première on December 3, at 11 pm, on Star Plus.

The story revolves around a simple, middle-class girl, Ishita Iyer, who has a failed relationship in her past. Her life changes when she meets five-year-old Ruhi (played by Ruhanika Dhawan) with whom she develops an immediate bond.

Her love for the child brings her close to Ruhi’s father, Raman Bhalla (played by Karan Patel). Raman is a rich business man, a single dad embittered with life.

With various upheavals in their lives, Ishita and Raman’s journey with Ruhi as their mediator makes a compelling story.

Divyanka talks to Rajul Hegde about the serial and how she sees her career panning out.

You are doing a fiction show after a long time and working with Ekta Kapoor for the first time.

Yes. I am extremely thrilled. I was waiting for an opportunity to get back to a daily soap for a long time. 

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is like a call from god. God has served me this show on a perfect platter, with Balaji Telefilms, Star Plus and a beautiful story like Custody.  

I think I am made for daily soaps (laughs) because I love intense drama, romance, long dialogues and try to cry without glycerine.

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Image: Divyanka Tripathi


'This show will make the Indian society think'

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Is Ekta Kapoor demanding as a producer?
It’s amazing to work with Ekta Kapoor. I like it when producers are demanding. I appreciate it if my producer asks me to do something better. 
If they don’t then how will I know what my producer expects from me? I love to be challenged by my producers. 
Tell us about your character.
My character, Ishita Vishwanathan Iyer, is a dentist who loves children. Raman Bhalla (Karan Patel) is my neighbour, from a typical Punjabi family. 
I am not allowed to go full-on and speak with an accent because though Ishita is a Tamilian, she is born and brought up in Delhi. 
I do speak certain Tamil words and I have learnt to say them properly.
It’s a touching and inspiring story. Women often go through depression when they can’t conceive. But here, the protagonist holds together, practices dentistry and moves on in life. 
I think this show will make the Indian society think. That is one of the reasons that I picked on this show.

Image: Divyanka Tripathi

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'I don't splurge. I spent wisely when I wasn't working'

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You didn’t do anything major after Dulhan. So what kept you busy?
After Dhulan, I took a deliberate break for a year-and-a-half. I then looked for some challenging work. I did Mrs and Mr Sharma Allahabadwale, followed by Chintu Chinki Aur Ek Badi Love Story and Comedy Circus
All the comedy shows were like a breath of fresh air. They are all about timing. It wasn’t easy. 
Comedy is like music where you can’t break the rhythm. I think it was more like a school for me and now I have become more confident as an actress.
In the last two years, you weren’t offered any daily soaps?
I was offered a few shows and a couple of them appealed to me, but it didn’t work out.
Was it frustrating to wait for the right role?
Yes, but sometimes I think waiting pays off. Money was not an issue because I am a simple girl from a middle class family. 
I don’t splurge. I spent wisely when I wasn’t working.

Image: Divyanka Tripathi with Ruhanika Dhawan, who plays Ruhi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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'I might do reality shows as my retirement plan'

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Why haven’t we seen you do any reality shows where you can make quick money?
I am not cut out for dramatic reality shows. I can’t give the kind of masala stuff they want. Money is important but not at the cost of my dignity. 
I would rather be known for my quality work as an actress because I like it when people say I am a good actress. I might do reality shows as my retirement plan (laughs).
I don’t mind doing a talent based show like I did for NDTV Imagine, Shava Shava
I was even offered Survivor India. I was planning to do it, but it clashed with Chintu Chinki Aur Ek Badi Love Story
I am an adventurous person and I would have enjoyed being part of it. I do go trekking with my friends to nearby places around Mumbai when I am free. 
I would love to be part of Kathron Ki Khiladi too, and do the stunts that give one an adrenaline rush. But I can’t think of eating worms and insects because I am a vegetarian.

Image: Divyanka Tripathi with Karan Patel and Ruhanika Dhawan

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