Remember staring anxiously at the midnight blue sky hoping that Superman would show up?

Remember dressing up as Batman in at the fancy dress competition at school?

Remember flashing that phantom mask at one and all as a kid?

Well, if you happen to be nursing a comic book hero hangover, your buck stops here.

Revisit your old heroes the Hollywood way.

After all, Hollywood got smart. Let its imaginations soar: the newpsrint colours it substituted with rubber costumes, extensive make-up, extravagant sets, hi-fi action, spectacular special effects, splendid background score, well-etched charactererisation.

The result? Superman, Batman, The Phantom, Ninja Turtles, Blade and X-Men, to name a few.

You can't blame the insiders for cashing in on the result.

Neither, for that matter, can you blame us for doing so.
Alright, we admit. There's no money involved here.

What is? Why don't you take the tour and find out for yourselves?

Not before we nudge this little confession in: we at rediff.com nurse massive comic book hero hangovers!

Text: Sukanya Verma
Design: Dominic Xavier