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Milana is entertaining

September 17, 2007 11:56 IST

Milana directed by Prakash with Puneet Raj Kumar in the lead carried huge expectations from Puneet fans because Puneet and Prakash have made names for themselves through their contributions to the Kannada film industry. But the film has not bee able to match the expectations fully, mainly because the so called "original" story is not original but something made of many scenes we have seen earlier in many successful Kannada and non-Kannada films.

 Yet, it cannot be placed in the list of "ordinary" films mainly because of the terrific song picturisation, good performances and enjoyable comedy.

The entire film has been designed to portray the hero as a person with a heart of gold, one with no negative shades at all. Prakash has made sure that the dialogues and sequences in the film only highlight the good nature of the hero.  Some of the sequences in the film carry a feel good fragrance that reminds you of the sweet narration of Dr Raj Kumar's film Vasantha Geetha.

But the hero is pragmatic, has values, is not in a self-pity mode; takes even the rough edges in life in his stride and moves on in his life. And it is this characterisation of the hero that stands out in the film. 

The comedy plot may have its inspirations but certainly it is quite enjoyable on screen. The dinner party scene where Chandru is invited to Raghu's house is one of the best in the film.

The second half of the film moves at a faster pace and has space for emotions. 

Milana is a story of marital discord. Prakash starts his film like this; Aakash is a RJ who has faced disillusionment in love but decides to move on in life. He marries Anjali after much persuasion from his parents. On the day of marriage, Anjali tells him that she is in love with Hemanth who was forced out of the city by her father. So, Aakash and Anjali agree for a divorce. Soon, she finds out that Aakash is better than Hemanth. What happens later forms the rest of the film. 

Puneet Rajkumar has shown a lot of maturity in his performance. Parvathi has got the best role of her career and has done her best. Pooja Gandhi, the Mungaru Male heroine has a brief role but her song with Puneet is certainly the best part of the film. Rangayana Raghu and Sihi Kahi Chandru are at their funny best. 

Mano Murthy's melodious music fits into the mood of the film. Ninnindhale is the best song in the film. Cameraman Krishna Kumar once again comes out with brilliant camera work.  

Milana could have been a much better film if the story was fresh.   

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R G Vijayasarathy