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Off-ramp: 'Fashion, like beauty, lies within'

Last updated on: March 14, 2011 11:11 IST

Off-ramp at LFW: 'Fashion, like beauty, lies within'


Jasmine Dawda, designer who studied at NIFT, did her masters in fashion from the London School of Fashion. She was at the Lakme Fashion Week to catch up with friends and colleagues. Here she speaks about off ramp fashion, and shares some style tips.

Where did you learn designing?

I studied at NIFT, then went on to do my masters in fashion from London School of Fashion. But designing is something that comes from within. Every year, a lot of things are changing in terms of technology, and I am currently doing a workshop on fashion going digital. So I like to keep updating myself and learn new things about fashion.

You have got lovely sun glasses, beautiful face and a toned body. How do you take care of all of this?

I have been modelling for the last ten years and during that time I've learnt a great deal of keeping fit and looking stylish. Moreover, like designing keeping fit also comes from within.

I am person who has been into yoga and working out since the beginning of my career.

Fashion tips for women...

One should not be applying layers and layers of make-up on your face to enhance your looks. One has to know the right kind of foundation that suits your skin so instead of looking way dusky or fair your face looks just right and natural.

They should go for make-up that goes with their skin tone. For the night look you can experiment with your face or eye shadows but overdoing make-up is a no-no.

What are you wearing today? You have got a lovely handbag. where did you buy it from?

It's a branded dress from BB. My shoes are from Caren Miller. My handbag is from Chanel, and I bought it from London.

Wacth video of Jasmine's interview here!

Image: Jasmine Dawda
Photographs: Prasanna Zore