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The Dev Anand Chat

Charm! That's what Dev Anand is all about. An old-worldly romantic kind of charm that is deferential and yet a little inflexible. The evergreen hero discussed his upcoming movie, his personal font of eternal youth, his belief that only the present matters... And, pressed about it, he didn't reveal the secret of his success with women. Gentlemen, you know, never tell. But before he got up to go, he promised the chatters that this was just for starters. Dev Anand would return.

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:7 IST)
Hello everybody those who want to talk to me, Happy new year, I would like to speak to you. I'm here to speak to you for the little while I 'm here . This is my first experience of this nature. I can read somebody's name called Dhruv. Where is Dhruv sitting at the moment?:-)

Dhruv (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:9 IST)
Dev Sahib I am from a French island in the West Indies. Dev Sahib, Greeting and Best Wishes to you from all of us in the Caribbean for the New Year.

athimuthu (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:7 IST)
What is the secret of your eternal youth?

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:9 IST)
athimuthu: I think my own involvement with my work, when I'm working I'm lost in my work and the world takes a back seat and when you are involved what do you need? When you are involved, you are excited with your involvement. And when you are excited, you are alive all the time. When you are alive all the time, you are young.

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:10 IST)
Dhruv: I wish I was with you. I could get an idea for a new story. You never know.

Deepak (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:10 IST)
A very happy new year Sir Dev... I have been you fan since watching Jab pyar kisise hota hai.

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:12 IST)
Deepak: I'm happy that you have been watching my pictures and since you watched my earlier films you better look out for watch my latest film Main Solah Baras Ki, coming all over the world in the first week of April.

Dhruv (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:11 IST)
Well said Dev Sahib. It is this philosophy which keeps us moving forward without thinking of what lies ahead. Its the Karma which leads!!!

Hemant (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:10 IST)
Happy New Year Mr.Dev, What is your new year resolution?

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:15 IST)
Dhruv: Why should you think what lies ahead? You should live in the present, work in the present. Because the work you are doing currently will immediately chalk out your future. What results you leave behind for others talk about you.
Hemant: There is no such thing as a special resolution new year. There should be resolutions everyday to be more and more alive and for further progress, progress of your creativity and your mind.

Deepak (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:13 IST)
Sir,, since you co-starred with Dilip Saheb in Insaniyat you two haven't made an appearance on screen together. Any future plans of a mega hit together of Saudagar proportions?

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:17 IST)
Deepak: Its very tough because somebody's gotta plan a story in which we both can feature. And as for me when I plan a film, I'm always planning on something that is contemporary which is happening now. But if I ever have a script in which I need Dilip Kumar I shall certainly go to him and convince him.

Dhruv (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:13 IST)
Dev Sahib you are very much Welcome to visit us and be our guest. I can assure you that here in Guadeloupe you will find a World apart. You may ask Sai Paranjpe Gurinder Chada or Anita Desai who were with us last year!!!

namagiri (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:12 IST)
In what way can you as a producer help in revitalising our value system? Our country right now seems to be reeling under a corrupt political system -it has eroded into the day-to-day affairs of the masses also.

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:21 IST)
Dhruv: I'll take you on your word if I ever get to your part of the world.
Namagiri: You see, you gotta make a political film which has got to be accepted by the classes and the masses alike, where you can have a very subtle message... It can be done, it's just a matter of something, of some idea triggering off in your brain, something very relevant. We shall do it.

subodh (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:19 IST)
Dear dear Dev ..I am one of ur alltime fans. Wishing you a great 1998. How about making some movies for the American audience ???

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:23 IST)
Subodh: Certainly yes we'll make a film which is relevant to America, and to the Asians living in America and to the Americans living in America. Something utterly, utterly, utterly human and identifiable.

Naveen (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:22 IST)
Naveen: Mr Dev Anand Lately everybody talks about the Connections between the Film Industry and the Underworld. How was it back in the old days in this matter?

Deepak (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:19 IST)
Sir , we are already watching songs and trailers of Main solah baras ki on ATN and Sony tv here in Philippines... Eagerly awaiting the release of the movie.

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:25 IST)
Naveen: I have really never bothered, because sometimes when there is finance coming from a certain source, it could be an underworld source. It' always very difficult to find out as an outsider.
Deepak: This film I repeat, Main Solah Baras Ki is definitely coming It's a commitment. During Easter. At the moment I'm busy doing its digital recording.

Dhruv (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:25 IST)
Dev Sahib, have been watching you films for the past thirty years. I have a question: Do anyone of you ever think of having a party for your guest of honour just to thank them?

Deepak (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:23 IST)
Sir, with Indian culture and entertainment coming up to international calibre, aren't the producers contemplating more and more to come up with English medium projects?

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:28 IST)
Dhruv: I think all the time about this, but somebody's got to pursue this and egg me on. I shall certainly do it.
Deepak: I think I have been toying with an idea of doing an film in two versions -- English and well as in Hindi. But the base of a film is its subject matter, its theme has to be planted in the West so that there is good reason for the character to speak English. And you never know, it could be my next project or one after the next.

Naveen (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:27 IST)
Mr Dev Anand, is it true that you were known as the Indian Gregory Peck?

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:31 IST)
Naveen: And I never liked it because I do wanna be known as myself. Maybe I was a great fan of his once upon a time That leads people to believe in what they believe in. But as time goes, you evolve your own personality, and your personality should be exclusively yours, not patterned on any other personality. I like to be called Dev Anand, the only Dev Anand all the time.

devang (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:31 IST)
Devsaab, why is Vijay Anand not making movies? He made so many great movies with you.

Naveen (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:31 IST)
Mr Dev Anand, I have seen most of your old movies. I think You really looked great opposite Sadhana, Nutan, Vyjayantimala Waheeda Rehman and Madhubala. Whom did you like the most to be paired with?

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:35 IST)
Devang: I want to say right now that he's planning a film with me which is being announced very shortly very, very shortly and you'll hear and read about it. Maybe in a few weeks.
Naveen: I have never created a fuss about my leading ladies, about who should be paired with me, as long as my own interest as a star and actor of the film was properly taken care of. Many newcomers who have been paired with me have become stars. All leading ladies are alike -- the very concept of a leading lady is based on good looks and talent. So you can't differentiate one from other.

Kailash (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:30 IST)
Dear Dev Saheb I have been watching your movies when I was very little with my parents must be 40 years ago. It was Paying Guest. The song "Mana janab ne pukara nahi" I still sing. I will definitely see Main Solah Baras Ki.

Hemant (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:29 IST)
Is The distribution of the your film going to be worldwide? Because here in Malaysia most of the time we get to see only illegal camera copies because it never comes to the cinema.

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:40 IST)
Kailash: And I'm sure that you'll like not just one song many songs on the screen of Main Solah Baras Ki, the way they are enacted and picturised in Scotland, in Ladakh, in Rajasthan and parts of them in the studios.
Hemant: I have just closed an international deal in London for the entire overseas market with a gentleman called Raju Patel. He is a very fine distributor and exhibitor and owns Bellevue cinema in England. We are going to have a series of premieres overseas, April onwards. In UK, in America, in South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius and in Europe. I'll tell him to have one in Malaysia too since he controls the world rights, and we'll try to send this film there legally. I'll communicate your message to Raju Patel in London.

Naveen (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:39 IST)
Mr Dev Anand, today's Hindi heroes are known as studs. In the old days they were known as romantic. Which one would you like to be known as?

Deepak (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:39 IST)
Sir, do you watch movies of the young naqli Dev Anand? Do you like him, or are you angry with him? Would you like to have him in one of your productions?

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:42 IST)
Naveen: Certainly romantic, because the very concept is a hero is romantic, because romanticism is what the movies should all be about.
Deepak: Why should I be angry with a man who impersonates me? He's only flattering me and paying me a compliment. If he can earn his bread, he's most welcome. Why should I grudge him? Because he certainly cannot be Dev Anand and step into my shoes.

uday (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:41 IST)
Mr.Dev Anand how did it occur to you to become an actor??

Kailash (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:35 IST)
Dear Dev Anand saheb, how many children do you have and how old are they?

chaitanya (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:36 IST)
dear dev saab, Your movies like Guide were classics how come then u have let your standards fall ??

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:47 IST)
Uday: I wanted to be known to the world. So I packed up my bag and left Lahore after my graduation and came to Bombay and tramped the streets until I made my presence felt. Somebody cast me in the film as the leading man and I never looked back.:-)
Kailash: I have a boy and a girl, my son's name is Suniel. He is directing and acting in his own film, based on martial arts, called Master; and my daughter who is younger, is married and has a little daughter. That's my family.
Chaitanya: The standards never fall. You only try to do something different and original every time. It so happens that you get the verdict of the world. Sometimes it fails to capture their imagination but if you look at the films that I have made, the theme of each one has been different. You watch out for Main Solah Baras Ki, my latest creation. You cannot compare one film with the other.

naveen (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:47 IST)
Even though I do not have any experience in the film industry, I always want to make a movie one day. What is your suggestion?

steven (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:43 IST)
Dear Dev,
I really, really need to know one secret...How do u attract sooooo many gals...or ALL ages...I am 21 ..and desperately need ur secret :))

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:52 IST)
Naveen: Just go ahead and do it. And take the world along with you as long as you have the knowhow of movie-making and scripting. That's it!:-)
Steven: If it's a secret, it's not known to me, only the world knows about it. Because it's the world that creeps into my persona and my personality and judges me the way I look, the way I think, the way I behave, the way I respond.
Well I think if you have the qualities that strike a chord somewhere in young people's hearts, there's no such thing as age. A man can be attractive to any age group as long as he is alive and creating something which the world is looking at and admiring.

Dhruv (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:29 IST)
Dev Sahib are u dubbing or sub-titling your film in French. I can assure u there is a good market for it out here???

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:53 IST)
Dhruv: Keep on seeing films. That's why we make them. Entertainment is as important as filling the belly.

Dhruv (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:48 IST)
Has any of your films been dubbed or sub-titled in French, Mr. Dev Anand???

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:54 IST)
Dhruv: I'm not sure but somebody told me one day that Hare Rama Hare Krishna was either dubbed or sub titled in French, I have to check up on that. But if there is a market in France for some movie of human interest shot in Hindi, they should be no reason why we shouldn't do it.

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:56 IST)
Everyone I'm here for another 15 minutes.

Kailash (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:56 IST)
Dear Dev Anand ji, How does it feel to be admired and liked by so many people? You don't even know all of us and we think of you as part of our lives. Do you ever think about it?

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:57 IST)
Kailash: That keeps me alive and creatively going, because all of you are at the back of my mind when I'm making my films, all of you are my inspiration. And that's a great reason for me to be what I am.

Dhruv (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:56 IST)
Dev Sahib have u though of digitising your films on CD's in the DVD format??? There is a very big market out there!!

Dhruv (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:57 IST)
Dev Sahib, would appreciate if you could give me the contact so that we can get hold of the film. I can assure that it was a super film!!!

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:59 IST)
Dhruv: Since you have spoken about this (DVD's) I'll give it a thought. Send me the details about it on my fax number 91-22-6487421.

vivek (Tue Jan 6 1998 8:57 IST)
Hi. Devji. Greetings and Salutations for the unblemished record. That cap of yours is synonymous with you. Has it got a background?

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 9:0 IST)
Vivek: Wearing it at the moment as well. It's a habit I have not given up since my boyhood days. I love wearing it whenever I can, depending upon the occasion. Especially in the outdoors. I have a fancy for good-looking caps and hats. Wherever I find one I go out of my way to buy it.

Mr Dev Anand (Tue Jan 6 1998 9:3 IST)
This has been a very beautiful experience for me interacting and talking to fans and freinds and wellwishers and I would take the very first opportunity once again offered to me to come back and talk to you and answer all that you want to know about me. It gives me a great chance to know what you all feel about me. I feel big and great and I'm going back very happy with thoughts of all of you in my heart. Happy New Year to you all once again and my greetings to you. And God Bless you all.

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